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There has been a a huge increase in interest from the media on the low FODMAP diet. Working for King’s College London we often get asked by journalists to answer questions they have regarding an article they are writing about the low FODMAP diet.  We don’t get paid for this advice of course but it helps spread the word about the low FODMAP diet and also ensures the message is correct and consistent so we are happy to help out.

 Unfortunately we do not have the time to answer all requests but I have included below 3 articles the FODMAP research team and I were involved in.  They are all good articles with useful information so click on the ones that interest you for a link to the full article.

  1. Mail Online: Do you suffer from bloating and gut problems? From ditching bread to getting hypnotised, our revolutionary expert guide could change your life…

Daily Mail Article

Daily Mail Article

2. BuzzFeed: Do You Really Need To Go Gluten-Free? Unless you actually have coeliac disease, it’s probably not gluten you have a problem with.


BuzzFeed Article

BuzzFeed Article

BuzzFeed Article

3. High 50 Health: What is the low-FODMAP diet? Is it food fad or food fact? Why you should approach with caution


High 50 Article

And finally here are some snippets from a Good Housekeeping article which is not available free online unfortunately. Hope you found the articles useful 🙂 


Good housekeeping FODMAP article  Good housekeeping FODMAP article  Good housekeeping FODMAP article

Good news! The first ever book dedicated to reintroducing FODMAPs is now available to purchase on Amazon. The book is titled ‘Re-challenging and Reintroducing FODMAPs – A self-help guide to the entire reintroduction phase of the low FODMAP diet’. Click on the logo for more details.


Want more information on the low FODMAP diet and IBS / functional bowel disorders? You had better click here. Or for dietitian approved low FODMAP recipes see here.

We recently travelled around the world and blogged about following a modified FODMAP diet. See more on FODMAP diet travel section.


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