Our favourite low FODMAP dishes from the Philippines

As we travel around the world when we come across meals that we enjoy and are low FODMAP (or close to being low FODMAP) we will share these to provide some inspiration for different cuisines.

You can read our experience of 5 weeks travelling around the Philippines on a low FODMAP diet here. As for our most loved Filipino meals, check out some options below.

Best Filipino low FODMAP meals

Chunky Chicken Sotanghon Soup

Filipinos are mental for soup, they love it! Which might seem odd for such a hot country but after sweating out loads of electrolytes all day a nice salty soup is rehydrating and replenishing. What we didn’t realise is when you order a soup it is massive! It is actually a sharing meal but it never says that on the menu that’s just the culture.

When we stayed in Kalibo city for one night the hotel owner said to go to Latte Coffee Cafe for good food. It didn’t disappoint. Here we had the Sotanghon soup and also the Chicken Wraped in Pandan Leaves which is the next meal on this list.

favourite low FODMAP dishes from the Philippines

Sotanghon soup – a simple and delicious soup

Chunks of chicken breast
Rice noodles
Chicken broth – salty, light with simple ingredients such as pepper, lemongrass and bay leaf
Cabbage leaves

So as you see from the ingredients above a complete low FODMAP meal! It wasn’t until we got down to the bottom (of a very large bowl) that we tasted garlic and found a few slices sitting in the bottom.

Other traditional Filipino soups include Bulalo a rich beef bone marrow soup which is lovely. Another similar soup is called Kansi which uses beef shank.

Chicken Wraped in Pandan Leaves

Yum! The chicken is cooked in the pandan leaves which release their flavour and keep the chicken moist. It was served with a garlic and chilli sauce on the side which we avoided and just used the chilli sauce from the bottle on the table.

favourite low FODMAP dishes from the Philippines

Chicken breast, cut into large chunks
Pandan Leaves


Typically the marinade ingredients consist of

2 teaspoons soy sauce

2 tablespoons fish sauce

2 tablespoons oyster sauce

1/2 teaspoon sugar

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

2-3 cloves garlic, minced (replace with garlic infused oil)

1 thumb-size piece ginger, minced

1 tablespoon lemon or calamansi (lime) juice

Our favourite low FODMAP dishes from the Philippines

Here you can find a full traditional Filipino recipe.

Ensaladang Talong (Eggplant/aubergine Salad)

Our favourite Filipino dish and one you can get everywhere. In fact our best one was made fresh on the boat by the crew when we were on an island hopping tour in El Nido! They set up a BBQ on the back of the boat and cooked the fish, meat and aubergines.
The smokyness from the barbecued aubergine flesh mixed with fresh sweet finely diced tomatoes, a bit of fresh chilli, and onion (remove or use green part of spring onions) drizzled with sesame oil and soy sauce is amazing. Oh how I miss this dish!

For a traditional version of the recipe take a look here or here.

Shasuka with Tofu

Okay this isn’t a Filipino dish but it was one of our favourite meals at one of our favourite restaurants The Sunny Side Cafe on Boracay Island.

Our favourite low FODMAP dishes from the Philippines

It had a slightly Asian twist as it contained tofu and extra chilli but no garlic or other high FODMAP foods. It also looked pretty cool served in a skillet.

Our favourite low FODMAP dishes from the Philippines

It was basically eggs baked with sautéed tofu, spicy tomatoes sauce, feta cheese and coriander.

Our favourite low FODMAP dishes from the Philippines

Other dishes we enjoyed were the chicken and pineapple fried rice. The pineapples in the Philippines were just amazing so sweet and juicy. A Filipino classic is Chicken Adobo which is even served at breakfast and I had one morning in Manila. I liked this dish with it’s lovely sticky soy sauce and vinegar reduction coating the chicken with lots of pepper – however it is usually made with garlic.

We also had a version of Kinilaw Talong at the Buzz cafe Bohol Bee Farm which is a famous salad. The dish we ordered had barbecued aubergine flesh in coconut milk and lots of ginger sweetened with a bit of honey.

Our favourite low FODMAP dishes from the Philippines

Our favourite low FODMAP dishes from the Philippines

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We are currently travelling around the world and plan to bring you‘Around The World In 80 Low FODMAP Dishes’ – a collection of the best low FODMAP foods and recipes as we travel the globe. See more on our low FODMAP diet travel section.

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Low FODMAP recipes here.

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2 thoughts on “Our favourite low FODMAP dishes from the Philippines

  1. Hi Mel & Lee,

    Satanghon is not low in FODMAP as it is made from mung bean. Quite common people c/o of indigestion after eating satanghon

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Alice never realised the noodles were made from mung bean I guess they need to be tested so we know their actual FODMAP content. I thought they were rice noodles and despite them not being that and finding some garlic in the soup we didn’t experience any indigestion.

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