The Top 5 FODMAP and IBS Articles from July 2013

I’m a bit late this month reviewing the useful information twitter sends our way.  Weddings (not ours!) and general summer activities have taken up my time along with far too much painting and redecorating.  Anyway sit back and enjoy this months top stories….

Here is a quick one: Infographic on IBS via  @Jules_GastroRD which gives an interesting and simple overview of IBS & its prevalence along with some other great facts and can be found on the blog pages on the @talkhealth website.

Next up is one for the cooks out there; ‘What can I substitute for onions and garlic to combat IBS?’  via @SNCTasteGood This is a question which always comes up when people who need to follow the Low FODMAP diet find out they need to avoid onions and garlic for the duration of the diet.  There are some good tips in this article and don’t forget to purchase some garlic oil, it really is good and replaces garlic adequately, trust me 🙂

Had to put this one in!! The title says it all really, you’re not getting anymore of an introduction than that you will just have to read it: Colonic massage for constipation, bloating and IBS via @WhatAllergy

The Top 5 FODMAP and IBS Articles from July 2013

This was the piece of research which caught my eye in July 2013; No Effects of Gluten in Patients With Self-Reported Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity After Dietary Reduction of Fermentable, Poorly Absorbed, Short-Chain Carbohydrates via @PedNutritionGuy.

And finally don’t forget that this week is Gut Week 2013 (August 19th-25th) so for some useful resources and information on all gut related stuff check out the website or follow the week on twitter via @loveyourgut.

Also for a great summary of the key players behind the week and some other really useful information and advice have a look at a post by @ibsimpact on her blog.

If you find these interesting then check out the following links…..

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7 thoughts on “The Top 5 FODMAP and IBS Articles from July 2013

  1. Your link for onion and garlic replacements doesn’t mention asafoetida powder (hing). This is a big one for those of us with fructose malabsorption. It tastes and smells just like onion.

  2. Interesting statistic in the infographic about 1 in 6 IBS sufferers having had gastroenteritis. I’m certain that’s the cause behind my IBS – some unfriendly bacteria introduced at some point. It might also explain why my mum and sister also developed bowel problems over the same time frame. On that point, I found the following journal article back in June which I personally found very insightful – Not exactly IBS but an interesting findings.

    1. Thanks for the link to the journal article it’s an interesting study, there is still so much to learn about bacteria and the gut. I remember when I had gastroenteritis in Brazil and for more than 3 months after that I felt as though my stomach still hadn’t settled back to usual and certain foods were causing problems when they didn’t before.

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