End of Week 2 on the Low FODMAP Diet

The eating out issue…

Second week in and the hardest thing we are finding is (as we thought) eating out!  In the last two weeks we have been out to eat a few times and wanted to share our thoughts.  Last week we went to Prezzo where you basically have three choices.  For starter you can have the Chicken Wings and well erm that’s it 😦 For main you can have Siciliana (more chicken with parma ham, tomatoes and cheese) and some potatoes / chips or a Salad.  Or you can have a gluten free pizza, and choose your topping wisely!  The gluten free pizza chosen was pretty disappointing and felt like we probably could have done a better job at home with a gluten free base – however I would be willing to try again in a different restaurant. Overall the choices again were very limited, but at least there were options that didn’t need adapting to remove high FODMAP ingredients.

End of week 2 on the low FODMAP diet

Another restaurant we visited was a small family run restaurant in North West London called Ortenzi  (a family favourite)  and the menu Mr Ortenzi and the crew have unbelievably gives you loads of FODMAP friendly options.  I had the Veal in Marsala wine sauce with fried potatoes and courgettes, while Mel had the Duck a l’orange with the same vegetable selection.  We also had the prawn cocktail starter each and a coffee at the end of the meal all for £40 which is amazing value. The main changes eating out here compared to pre-FODMAP diet, is having to say no thanks to the complementary bread basket, and to the dessert trolley! This was a really positive experience and showed that you don’t always need to feel restricted on social occasions.

Our changing routine…

Following the low FODMAP diet has started to change our routine, especially on the weekends – as we are tending not to eat in restaurants so much in the evening, and are unable to have the wheat based treats we may have with a coffee in the day (…cake mainly). We are eating at home more, as well as making treat foods ourselves. We are tending to eat out for lunch on the weekends as there are more options which we may not pick at an evening meal – and one of the foods which is fast becoming a FODMAP eating out classic is the humble jacket potato!  There are loads of FODMAP free topping to choose from and its usually a pretty cheap option too. This is starting to prove to us further that another benefit to following the diet is the way it is forcing us into widening the variety in our diets and altering our routines. This includes dishes made at home, baking, picking new ingredients and choosing different dishes at regular restaurants and cafes.

A successful Sunday…

Having now followed this for over 2 weeks, it really is starting to become much easier. Avoiding foods and picking great choices is becoming second nature and the variety really is refreshing. Sunday has been a good one and it is surprising that FODMAP can be done where you think it may be difficult. We went to our local farmers market (www.duckpondmarket.co.uk) where we would usually pick up some artisan bread, local veg and a coffee.

End of Week 2 on the Low FODMAP Diet

We could pick up our usual veg, some more herb and chilli plants to prepare for meals over the next few weeks and some amazing olives. After lingering for a little too long at the bread stall, I noticed that the Crêpe stall was making hot buckwheat Crêpes with any fillings. After double checking this was the only flour used – we tucked into amazing low FODMAP pancakes in the sun. Perfecto.

Then onto a family BBQ (armed with gluten free rolls) where we quickly realised BBQ’s are a FODMAPers friendly eating place. We nibbled on olives and crisps, then could help ourselves to the selection of burgers, sausages, chicken, salad and potatoes. As long as you are careful to choose good quality meat products without added wheat, and no marinades/relishes with onion and garlic it really is easy.

We are certainly finding with some preparation, this really isn’t a limited diet! Keep checking back for more recipes and info………

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